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Inventory Planning, Management and Monitoring programme

Computerized Materials and Logistics Management Course

National and International procurement for Donor Funded projects

Procurement and Supplier Performance Management

Equipment Procurement: Tactics and Strategies

Government procurement and Contract Management

Transport Management and Fleet Operations

Advanced Computerized Stores and Supplies Management

National and International public Procurement

Service and Works Procurement for Public Sector Procurement Officers

Electronic Procurement: Strategies for Success

Successful Tender Design and Contract Management in the Public and Private Sectors

IMTC Certificate in procurement for Senior Executives in the Public Sector

Risk Management in Procurement for public and private Sectors procurement officers

Monitoring and Evaluation of Procurement Performance in the Public and Private Sectors Management

Effective Procurement Skills in the Public and Private Sectors

Strategic procurement in the Public Sector

Effective procurement and Award of Contracts in the Public and Private Sectors

Contract Management, Monitoring and Sustainable Procurement in an Organization

Procurement of Works and Dispute Resolutions in the Public and Private Sectors

Computerized Stores/Materials and Inventory Management

Modern Approach to procurement: A Strategy perspective

ICT Procurement & Vendor Management

Procurement and Supply Chain Management best practices for store and Procurement Staff

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Agricultural project Analysis and Management Course

Agricultural and Activities Management

NGO Leadership and Management

Rural Energy Planning and Management

Poverty Alleviation Policies and Reduction Management

Community Driven Development: Approach Reduction and Poverty Alleviation programme

Disaster Planning and Management of Rural Projects

Operations Management of Water Supply Projects

Desertification and rural Agricultural Development

HIV/AIDS: practical Effects at the Work Place and Community

Local Government and Community Development Management

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Prosecution Skills and Prevention of Corruption in the Judicial System

Court Management and judicial Administration

Judicial Records Management Course

Information Technology and Judicial Case Management

Justice Reform and Judicial Administration Course

Management of Deceased Estates and Trust

Management and policy Development Skills for Legal Officers

Legislative Problem solving and Drafting Course

Ethics, Anticorruption, Transparency and Effective Governance in the Judicial Sector

Parliamentary Administration

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Project Management: The Complete cycle

Computerized project Analysis and Management

Research Methodology and Feasibility Study for Donor Funded projects

Managing, Controlling and Evaluation of Donor Funded projects

Computerized Project Management for NGO projects

Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects in Private and Public Sectors

Finance and Project Management for private and Public Sector Personnel

Projects Resource Mobilization and project Management

Annual Conference for Finance and project Managers

Project Management for Engineers

Computerized Project Planning, Implementation and Management

Project Management and Evaluation Strategies

Advanced project Management

Effective Planning and Management of Donor Funded projects: Modern Techniques

Project Investment, Analysis and Appraisal

Implementing Electronic Documents and Records Management for projects

Projects Procurement and Management

Participatory Project planning and Management

Spectrum Monitoring and Techniques

Credit Management, Monitoring and Control of SME and Micro projects

Spectrum Management and Administration

Managing Agricultural and Rural Investment Projects

Assessing Impacts and Evaluating Projects

Planning programmes and Projects

Project Cycle Management: Monitoring and Evaluation

Policy, programmes and projects

Project proposal writing and Resource mobilization for Project Officers

Management of the project Teams

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Effective Report writing and Computerized Presentation Skills

Computer and Information Management Skills for Executive Secretaries and Administrators

Corporate IT and Qualitative Public Relations for Executive Secretaries and personal Assistants

Strategic Management Development Programme and Qualitative Customer Care

Computer Excel for Executive Secretaries and Personal Assistants and Senior Secretaries

Advanced Computer and Secretarial Skills for Secretaries

Management and Business Skills for Personal Assistants and Senior Secretaries

Advanced Computer and Information Management Skills for Executive Secretaries and Administrators

Management Development and Performance Enhancement Skills Programme for Executive Secretaries and Administrators in the Public Sectors

Annual Conference for Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants in the Public and private Sectors

Effective Service Delivery , Speech Writing and Speech making for Senior PAS

Switchboard Operations, Reception Skills for front Office Personnel

Developing Core Skills for Administrators and Secretaries: Better Memory, Reading, Communication and Thinking Skills

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Financial Planning and Control in the Public and private Sectors

Public Sector Financial Management

Credit Management and Debt Collection

Modern Accounting principles and Cash Flow Management for Account Clerks and Cashiers

Tax Administration and Revenue Management

Forensic Auditing and Computerized Fraud Detection

Financial Management for Donor Funded projects

Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS)

Funds Management and Domestic Debt Management

Public Financial Management: Planning and Control

Managing Risk and Developing a Debt Strategy in the Public Sector

Public Finance Management in the Public Sector: Issues and Solutions

Maintaining and Enhancing efficiency and value for Money in the Public and private Sectors

Combating Corruption and the misuse of Public Office

Local Government accounting and Financial Management

International Borrowing and Debt Management

Certificate in Financial Management and Internal auditing

Microfinance for SME

Computerized Financial Management and Auditing

Finance for Non-Finacial Managers

Financial Management for Project Accountants

Revenue Collection and Assets Management

Prevention, Analysis and Detection of Corporate Fraud: Systems and Procedures

Advanced Financial Management and Auditing in the Public and private Sectors

Budgetary process and public expenditure Management

Auditing and Computerized Accounting System

Cash and Treasury Management

Budgeting and Budgetary Control

Effective Methods and Techniques of Managing Public and Donor Funds

Accounting principles in an Inflationary Economy

Investment Analysis and Management in the Public and private Sectors

Financial Reporting Standards

Oil and Gas Accounting

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There are no courses in this programme

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Information Technology in Administration

Telecom Policy and Regulation

Information Technology and Strategic Management for Public Sector Officers

Computerized Records and Data Base Management


System Analysis and Design for System Administrators

Computerized Records and Data Base Management

Certificate in Networking and computer Application

Building and Implementing Electronic Documents and Data Base Management

Computer and Information Management Skills for Managers and Executives

Information Technology for Accountants in the Public and Private Sectors

Website Design, Publishing and Development

Database Management Systems

Pastel Accounting for Beginners

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Executive Training in Competition Regulation

Laboratory Quality Systems and ISO Standards

Corporate Insurance Management

Understanding Consumer Protection Right

Competition Regulation in the Telecom Sector

Laboratory Management Administration and Good Laboratory Practices

Organizing Business Trips for a Proactive Organization

Contemporary Entrepreneurial Innovations: Strategies & Challenges

Database Management(Querying SQL Server)

Human Resources Information System(HRIS)

Modernizing the Functions of Legal Assitants/Para-legal Officers

Advance Office Management&Administrative Skills for Legal Secretaries

ICT Procurement & Vendor Management

Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Local Government Policy Analysis

Effective Training On Effective Import Planning, Sales Contract Drafting And Sourcing Reliable Suppliers

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