Dear Esteemed Alumni of IMTC, we will like to use this opportunity to check on your wellbeing. Do make sure you stay safe.It’s time for self isolation and social distancing. Stay at Home please. Be safe.------ --------- In light of recent developments and as the world comes together to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, we at IMTC want to THANK YOU for doing your part as we Prevent the spread of COVID-19. We urge you to stay safe by practicing social distancing, maintain strict hygiene and following medical practitioners and government recommended guidelines to stay safe. Most Government of various Nations have ordered a restrictions by locking down their various land borders and airports,and asking non essential workers to work remotely from home to combat the spread of this epidemic.Let us ensure we all obey these guidelines for everyone's safety and well being. We at IMTC, therefore have suspended all our International trainings until the current situation eases off as your safety is important to us. Fighting this pandemic starts with us. We know what can be achieved when the world comes together to act decisively. Please continue to use all our online platforms(, or through our website to make enquiry regarding your future training needs and general enquiry about our services.May God keep us all from this pandemic.---------- ---------- Kindly go to the Download Section for our 2020/2021 Training Calendar----- -----ONGOING COURSES ----- ------- EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT @ LAGOS, NIGERIA ------ ------ PROJECT MANAGEMENT - THE COMPLETE CYCLE @ DUBAI, UAE ----- ------ FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR DONOR FUNDED PROJECTS @ACCRA, GHANA -----------UPCOMING COURSES ------- ------ ------ CHURCH ADMINISTRATION, MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP----- ----- MARCH 23 - 27,2020 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA --------- --------- ARCHIVES PRESERVATION AND PROTECTION ----- ---- MARCH 2 - 6,2020 @ NAIROBI, KENYA ----- ------REVENUE COLLECTION AND ASSETS MANAGEMENT ----- ----- MARCH 9 - 13,2020 @ ACCRA, GHANA ------- ------- PROJECT MANAGEMENT: THE COMPLETE CYCLE ----- ----- MARCH 2 - 6,2020 @ DUBAI, UAE------- ------- MANAGING, MONITORING & EVALUATION OF DONOR FUNDED PROJECTS.---- ---- MARCH 9 - 20,2020 @ DUBAI, UAE ------ ------ FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR DONOR FUNDED PROJECTS ---- ----- MARCH 16 - 27,2020 @ LAGOS, NIGERIA ------- ---------MODERNIZING THE HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTION & ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS ----- ----- MARCH 16 - APRIL 10, 2020 @ NAIROBI, KENYA------- ------- MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SKILLS FOR PERSONAL ASSISTANTS & EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS ----- ------ MARCH 16 - APRIL 10, 2020 @ NAIROBI, KENYA ------- ------- EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ---- ----- MARCH 16 - 27, 2020 @ ACCRA, GHANA ------ ------- (APPLY NOW!) ---IMTC IS NOW AN ACCREDITED UN CAPACITY BUILDING ORGANIZATION: UN BUSINESS PARTNER NUMBER-1900002699--- ---IMTC NOW TRAIN IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, MUMBAI,INDIA, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA, AND NAIROBI, KENYA---

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IMTC is a regional consultancy firm duly registered and incorporated in South Africa, Swaziland, Ghana and Nigeria with the company registration commissions in the various countries. It was registered in the year 2001 in West Africa as an Autonomous research and Training Institution. IMTC is also a United Nations (UN) Accredited Training Institute (UN Business Partner's No 1900002699). Over the years it has expanded its training centers/outlets within the Southern and Eastern African Countries, Dubai-Middle East and the United Kingdom.

IMTC (International Management Training Consortium) trades as Management Training and Consultancy Services in Swaziland, Management Training Centre Limited in South Africa and Nigeria, International Management Training and Consulting Limited in the United Kingdom, International Management Training Limited in Ghana - all under the mother name of International Management Training Consortium (IMTC) worldwide.

It is an organization borne out of the desire to provide consultancy service in the area of strategic management and Business Re-engineering, capacity building and performance Management, Core professional Skills development Programme, Poverty Alleviation & Community Development Programme, Agricultural and Environmental Management Programmes, Information Communication & Technology (ICT) Programmes.

We aim to provide training through courses, workshops, and seminars to private firms and public sectors parastatal (Ministries, Departments & Agencies) at all staff levels. We edge ourselves with our wealth of experience in organizing short skill development programs tailored for different organizations (locally and Internationally) and their specific needs with a view to help such organizations achieve their goals and reforms needed.

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