IMTC VISION STATEMENT---- ---- To assist organizations and individuals to develop sustainable and innovative skills for optimal performance, productivity and profitablity---- ---- OUR MISSION STATEMENT ---- ---- To provide professional, relevant and sustainable capacity building training programmes for individuals, private and public sector personnel --- ---- To offer Human Resource and Performance Enhancement Consultancy Services through cutting edge training initiatives, expertise advice and services to both employers and employees in all aspect of organizational development and sustainability ------- ------Kindly go to the Download Section for our 2018/2019 Training Calendar----- ------IMTC WISHES YOU A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!!!!!----- ------ ONGOING COURSES ------ -------- FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARDS @ DUBAI, UAE----- -----PUBLIC MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION @ ACCRA, GHANA ---- ----- INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING STANDARDS (IFRS) 9 @NAIROBI, KENYA ------ ---------UPCOMING COURSES ---------------- ---------CONFERENCE ON ADVANCED COMPUTER AND SECRETARIAL SKILLS FOR SECRETARIES ---- ---- JANUARY 21-25,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA----- ----- DIGITAL FINANCE SYSTEM & PAYMENT SYSTEMS STATISTICS AND REPORTING ---- ----- February 4-15, 2019 @ LAGOS, Nigeria ------ -------LEADERSHIP AND TEAM DEVELOPMENT FOR MANAGERIAL SUCCESS ----- ------ JANUARY 28-FEBRUARY 8,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA ---- -----ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING/COMBATING OF FINANCIAL TERRORISM----- ----- JANUARY 14-25,2019 @ LAGOS, NIGERIA ----- ------ FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR PROJECT ACCOUNTANTS ---- ----- FEBRUARY 11-22,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA ----- ------- FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT ---- ---- JANUARY 14-25,2019 @ LAGOS, NIGERIA ----- ------ MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT SKILLS PROGRAMME ----- ------ JANUARY 14-25,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA -------- --------- PROCUREMENT OF WORKS AND CONSULTANCY ----- ------ JANUARY 21- FEBRUARY 1,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA ------- ------- DEVELOPING CORE SKILLS FOR ADMINISTRATORS AND SECRETARIES: BETTER MEMORY, READING, COMMUNICATION AND THINKING SKILLS ------ ------- JANUARY 28-FEBRUARY 8,2019 @ LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM ------ ------ MANAGING AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL INVESTMENT PROJECTS ---- ----- JANUARY 14-25,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA ------ ------- EFFECTIVE PLANNING, BUDGETING AND MONITORING IN ORGANIZATION ----- ------ JANUARY 7-11, 2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA ------- ------- COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT FOR LEAD ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS AND SENIOR SECRETARIES ------ ------- JANUARY 21- FEBRUARY 1,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA ----- ------ EFFECTIVE HUMAN RESOURCE DOCUMENTATION AND STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES ---- ----- JANUARY 14-25,2019 @ MBABANE, SWAZILAND------- ------- (APPLY NOW!) ---IMTC IS NOW AN ACCREDITED UN CAPACITY BUILDING ORGANIZATION: UN BUSINESS PARTNER NUMBER-19000026

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IMTC is a regional consultancy firm duly registered and incorporated in South Africa, Swaziland, Ghana and Nigeria with the company registration commissions in the various countries. It was registered in the year 2001 in West Africa as an Autonomous research and Training Institution. IMTC is also a United Nations (UN) Accredited Training Institute (UN Business Partner's No 1900002699). Over the years it has expanded its training centers/outlets within the Southern and Eastern African Countries, Dubai-Middle East and the United Kingdom.

IMTC (International Management Training Consortium) trades as Management Training and Consultancy Services in Swaziland, Management Training Centre Limited in South Africa and Nigeria, International Management Training and Consulting Limited in the United Kingdom, International Management Training Limited in Ghana - all under the mother name of International Management Training Consortium (IMTC) worldwide.

It is an organization borne out of the desire to provide consultancy service in the area of strategic management and Business Re-engineering, capacity building and performance Management, Core professional Skills development Programme, Poverty Alleviation & Community Development Programme, Agricultural and Environmental Management Programmes, Information Communication & Technology (ICT) Programmes.

We aim to provide training through courses, workshops, and seminars to private firms and public sectors parastatal (Ministries, Departments & Agencies) at all staff levels. We edge ourselves with our wealth of experience in organizing short skill development programs tailored for different organizations (locally and Internationally) and their specific needs with a view to help such organizations achieve their goals and reforms needed.

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