IMTC VISION STATEMENT---- ---- To assist organizations and individuals to develop sustainable and innovative skills for optimal performance, productivity and profitablity---- ---- OUR MISSION STATEMENT ---- ---- To provide professional, relevant and sustainable capacity building training programmes for individuals, private and public sector personnel --- ---- To offer Human Resource and Performance Enhancement Consultancy Services through cutting edge training initiatives, expertise advice and services to both employers and employees in all aspect of organizational development and sustainability ------- ------Kindly go to the Download Section for our 2019/2020 Training Calendar------ ---------- ------ SPECIAL END OF THE YEAR TRAINING BONANZA ----- ------- We are pleased to announce a special end of the year training bonanza on " Corporate Leadership and Governance Strategies" from December 1st to 5th, 2019 in DUBAI, UAE ------- ------- ONGOING COURSES ------ -------- THE DIGITAL AGE: THE FUTURE OF THE EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT – TECHNOLOGY, LEADERSHIP AND YOU @ DUBAI, UAE----- -----AUDITING FOR INTERNAL AUDITORS IN OIL AND GAS SECTOR @ DUBAI,UAE--------- ---------- ---------UPCOMING COURSES -------- -------- STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP------- ------ OCTOBER 21-25,2019 @ NAIROBI, KENYA ------- -------- RISK MANAGEMNT IN PROCUREMENT FOR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR PROCUREMENT OFFICERS ----- ----- OCTOBER 14-18,2019 @ MBABANE, SWAZILAND -------- -------- PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR DONOR FUNDED PROJECTS----- ------ OCTOBER 14-25,2019 @ DUBAI, UAE -------- --------- EFFECTIVE PROCUREMENT AND AWARD OF CONTRACTS IN THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTORS-------- -------- OCTOBER 21-NOVEMBER 1,2019 @ ACCRA, GHANA ------- -------- PROTOCOL ETIQUETTE AND CIVILITY----- ----- OCTOBER 21-25,2019 @ DUBAI, UAE --------- --------- STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT------- -------- OCTOBER 14 - 18,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA-------- -------- FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR DONOR FUNDED PROJECTS------- ------ NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 6, 2019 @ ACCRA, GHANA------ ------ ADVANCED OFFICE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME FOR PAS AND EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES --- ---- OCTOBER 14 - 18,2019 @ PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA---------- ------------ (APPLY NOW!) ---IMTC IS NOW AN ACCREDITED UN CAPACITY BUILDING ORGANIZATION: UN BUSINESS PARTNER NUMBER-19000026

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